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Graham Hunter Calls For Sale of Neymar

Spanish football expert Graham Hunter has claimed that Barcelona should consider selling Neymar since he has failed to complement Lionel Messi, who has been going through one of his worst seasons in recent memory. The season started in a good fashion for the Argentine superstar, but he has been plagued by injury problems and lack of form in recent weeks. After missing most of the first half, he recently came back to the Barcelona first-team. However, fans have been shocked by the astonishingly poor way he performed in the last few matches.

Barcelona are now set to finish the season trophy less after losing three matches in a row in three different competitions. Hunter says that one of the reasons from Barcelona not being able to get the best out of Messi is the performance of Neymar. Both are highly individualistic in their play and this has been to the detriment of Messi, who has said in the past that the unselfish work of players like Xavi and Iniesta have helped him to do better the pitch. Unsurprisingly, against Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey final, Messi started performing brilliantly once Neymar had gone off the pitch.

“Sell him, if you’re brave. You say ‘this has been an error, he’s fantastically talented but he’s the wrong player for the system and he doesn’t complement and won’t complement the great Messi years, that potentially are still to come. He won’t complement him, simply because he is a guy who needs his own space and he needs to play a different style of football. Right now you could still get every cent of your money back from Manchester City or Paris Saint-Germain,” said Hunter.

Neymar was signed for an estimated £ 85 million along with all the fees paid by Barcelona, which was only recently revealed.

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Neymar, the future of Brazil 2010 | HD |

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Neymar’s Transfer

Barcelona is still defending its stance on Neymar’s transfer issue. The esteemed Spanish soccer club has recently released its statement again in defense of their actions regarding transfer of the Brazilian star.

In a recent press conference, the club was asked by the Spanish media about allegations regarding unpaid tax issues pertinent to signing of the young Brazilian player, who shifted from Santos to Nou Camp last June.

Barca’s statement read- “Regarding reports presented in today’s media conference about the transfer procedure taken to bring in Neymar Santos Jr. to Club, Barcelona would proceed to state: i) Club’s deals regarding this very operation & in the light of every data available, was always in accordance to pertinent legal legislation. ii) Represented by the lawyers, Barcelona would appear at Central Jutjat d’Instruccio # 5 within a few days to defend the Club’s interests & rights. Iii) We express complete willingness to cooperate with Justice authorities regarding the matter, as the Club has done from the very first ever moment this issue came up & in all other areas where our presence might be required.”

The reputed Spanish football club which hosts soccer stalwarts like Messi, have got themselves entangled in disputes concerning finances behind the Brazilian star’s move to Nou Camp. In January 2014, Rosell (Sandro) offered resignation from his post of Barca President when Pablo Ruz, the national court justice of Span, accepted the lawsuit which alleged the club chief of misappropriate fund transfers- from the deal of the Brazilian international. The 49-year-old boss of one of the most eminent soccer clubs of the world did not accept the allegation and denounced it as “unfair & reckless.”

Jordi Cases, Barcelona club member, alleged saying that the fee paid was over 57 m Euros.

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