Tâm Sự Neymar sau trận Brazil thua Đức 1-7

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Neymar interrupted Scolari’s presser to give him a hug after Brazil vs Netherlands match

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Neymar ● All 10 Goals Brazil 2013 ● HD

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Brazil Manage Win Over COlumbia

Brazil playing under a new coach and a new captain yesterday night defeated Colombia in a friendly game by 1-0.

Neymar was the only player to get on the scoring sheet during the game as he converted a free kick in the 83rd minute of the match.

Colombia was one player short though for almost the entire second half as Juan Cuadrado had to go off the pitch after being shown a yellow card for the second time in the match.

The Brazilian fans would certainly have felt better with this win, but, it would be unfair to say that their wounds of that huge semi final defeat against Germany got healed up.

The men in yellow will have to secure many more such wins to ensure that the fans forget that semi final debacle.

However, a win is always a win and it gives a good feeling whenever it comes. The new Brazil boss Dunga said the same in his post match interview.

In the words of Dunga, “Recovering from defeats like the one we suffered in the World Cup semi final is not the easiest. It gets your self confidence right to the bottom. You feel devastated, but, you’ve got to pick yourselves up and that’s what I tried to convey in the team meeting.”

This is Brazil’s second consecutive win over Colombia. They had beaten them in World Cup as well in the Round of 8.

There were more than 70,000 people in the spectators’ arena at Sun Life. The Colombians seemed to have outnumbered the Brazilians there though and they were extremely loud, making a lot of noise.

Brazil has to play another game next week i.e. on the coming Tuesday. They will be facing Ecuador in that game.

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Ferguson Wants Alcock Back

Craig Alcock was an important player for Peterborough United last season. The defender has recently completed a move to Sheffield United. Darren Ferguson took full advantage of his presence by utilising him in 39 matches in all competitions. He was a major reason behind the club getting promoted back to the Championship. Ahead of the new Championship season, Ferguson has been busy in trying to improve the quality of his squad. Alcock was released by the club towards the end of last season. He is now a free agent, but Ferguson says that he wants the 26-year-old to return to Peterborough.

The club had a tough job on their hands with interest from the likes of Sheffield. They have failed in trying to get the player back to the club after he signed a two-year contract with Sheffield. Ahead of the announcement, Ferguson was expressing press conference that he will be able to get the player. Due to the number of options available to him, Alcock was unlikely to sign for Peterborough and it has proven to be the case. Despite this disappointment, Peterborough were expected to sign players like Adam Drury on a loan deal. The 20-year-old right back spent the last season on loan at Burton Albion where he made 14 appearances in all competitions.

“I’m a very patient man and I’ve given Craig every opportunity without actually setting a time on it. He hasn’t come back to me, so I’m definitely looking at other options. We’ve had meetings with him and [director of football] Barry Fry’s offered him a contract, better than anywhere else I think. I’ve spoken to him about the football side of things. You’ve got to hope after that he gives a positive answer but he’s not given anything so we will wait and see,” said Ferguson.

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Neymar soccer skills

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Graham Hunter Calls For Sale of Neymar

Spanish football expert Graham Hunter has claimed that Barcelona should consider selling Neymar since he has failed to complement Lionel Messi, who has been going through one of his worst seasons in recent memory. The season started in a good fashion for the Argentine superstar, but he has been plagued by injury problems and lack of form in recent weeks. After missing most of the first half, he recently came back to the Barcelona first-team. However, fans have been shocked by the astonishingly poor way he performed in the last few matches.

Barcelona are now set to finish the season trophy less after losing three matches in a row in three different competitions. Hunter says that one of the reasons from Barcelona not being able to get the best out of Messi is the performance of Neymar. Both are highly individualistic in their play and this has been to the detriment of Messi, who has said in the past that the unselfish work of players like Xavi and Iniesta have helped him to do better the pitch. Unsurprisingly, against Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey final, Messi started performing brilliantly once Neymar had gone off the pitch.

“Sell him, if you’re brave. You say ‘this has been an error, he’s fantastically talented but he’s the wrong player for the system and he doesn’t complement and won’t complement the great Messi years, that potentially are still to come. He won’t complement him, simply because he is a guy who needs his own space and he needs to play a different style of football. Right now you could still get every cent of your money back from Manchester City or Paris Saint-Germain,” said Hunter.

Neymar was signed for an estimated £ 85 million along with all the fees paid by Barcelona, which was only recently revealed.